Business Strategies

Are you a dead or dying business with no collateral struggling to keep the lights on? WE CAN HELP YOU !!!

Is your business just getting by, we can help you to THRIVE !!!

Is your business doing great! That’s awesome. We have saving strategies offering high returns.

Have you undergone renovations over 250,000 or more in the last 15 years? Likely, 92% likely, you are missing out on cost remediation studies done by an independent 3rd party for FREE who only make money when you get a return of CASH!

Do you have more than 10 workers? We have software that screens potential employees before you hire for tax credits called WOTC. This is Workers Opportunity Tax Credits. It’s only 19.95 a month and brings you back TONS of money especially when you are in a business with high turnover.

Banks are pulling back from making loans for business owners. Banks are limited in the programs and types of loans they can carry. We have a wide range of portfolios and are not limited by the types of lending we can provide. For example, Bridge Loans are short term, little bit of higher interest rate. Granted for 12 to 18 months and are typically used to finish projects.


Our Proprietary App has helped agents deliver over $300M in Local, State, and Federal Tax Incentives to their clients. Our Industry Experts work with your clients to discover which incentives they are eligible for. Fees are based on a percentage of savings.


Our Credit Card Merchant audit helps organizations reduce payment processing expenses. Our proprietary tools audit and analyze credit card processing and provide transparency to merchant fees and statements. Fees are based only on a percentage of savings.


Our analysis includes finding loopholes by conducting a thorough review of your property, past invoices and pricing schedule. Whether the property is located in a city with set pricing or an open market, we know what it takes to uncover big savings.


70% of all employers have overpaid on their Workers’ Compensation premium costs. Our team performs a review to determine if there is a significant opportunity for a lower rated classification as they are typically determined by insurance company underwriters.


Our audit software automatically downloads carrier invoices and secures refunds for clients. Our processes are not intrusive. We currently have an annual audit volume of $1.6 Billion Dollars and our billing is based on a percentage of received refunds.


Exit planning for business owners will drastically advance wealth accumulation relative to their retirement planning efforts in a highly tax advantaged manner.

• Wealth Transfer: Transfer massive amounts of wealth to your heirs, charity, school or foundation utilizing the most powerful and cost effective manner while guaranteeing the results

• Estate Plan: Engage in estate planning utilizing the benefits of your business to accomplish the most cost effective ILIT in existence

• Qualified Plan Rescue: By redirecting participating funds, the opportunity exists to generate a structure that results in tax free distributions that may be applied against taxes due on distributions out of a qualified plan

• Business Exit Planning: With the ability of the front loading to be assumed, it may provide massive benefit to the business seller and buyer at sale

• Key-man & Buy/Sell: With the insurance contained within the structure, it can be used as a wealth accumulation medium and address insurance needs simultaneously

This link takes you to the software where you plug in information to get an estimate, then start the process of getting these savings!