Personal Strategies

Everyone deserves to be wealthy.  We all have the potential every day to increase our personal value to increases our personal wealth.  The Wealthy Way is a path that we walk. Here at Eupori, we walk this path with you.

  • Become your own bank
  • Higher rates of return
  • Guarantees on return
  • Save in taxes
  • Make more money
  • Put more money in your current paycheck
  • Make the next generation Million Dollar Children
  • Leave a Legacy for Family
  • Create your Financial Independence Number
  • Tax-Free Retirement
  • Guaranteed lifetime income stream
  • Protect your income with living benefits and long term care
  • Estate Plan
  • Living Trust
  • Will
  • Properly protect your family and assets
  • Free signing bonus
  • Save on Health, Car and House Insurance

There are many opportunities we often pass by. Here is the potential to bring your financial wellness into alignment with your dreams and goals. This is an opportunity to raise your quality of life from survive to thrive.

Explore your options, with a trusted professional who has your best interest at heart.

I only work with individuals who are committed to their personal financial transformation. I benefit when you are in a better position and my commitment is to you, the client, and not the providers or their products.

Retirement Strategies

Saving for retirement is an important part of working, so that one day, we don’t have to work anymore!  However many people are unsure of how much to save, what to save and where.  This leads to a deficiency in the amount needed to actually retire and this is why we see so many of our elders working at places like Walmart.

Do you have a 401K from a previous employer?  Did you know there is are ways to increase the savings more than what it is doing now?  Growth that is guaranteed to never have loss?

Did you know you are a participant in the 401k plan, and not the owner?  When it’s your money, yet you are taking all the risk, and the owner is making more profit than you are off your 401k?  Do you know the fees?  Have you ever asked?

Have you ever had a conversation with a financial professional about your options?

College Savings

Starting college savings is important to almost every parent.  Do you know if your child can use the savings for a down payment on a house or as seed money to start a business in addition to going to college?  Do you know the in’s and outs of your child’s college savings plan?

When life changes happen such as illness or sudden loss, is when we want to have protection.  The thing is, we don’t know when we are going to need it, and it’s better to get it before we do need it!  Did you know, that if you qualify, there are plans that will cover lost wages and medical bills in case of health decline?  Did you know that 60% of small businesses fail because of health-related issues?  Some of these plans are less than a daily cup of coffee!

Each person has a different story and different needs.  It is an uplifting experience to share what these needs are and getting assistance by an expert in the field before selecting the strategy that is right for you.